Knowledge moves the market!

There is a factor which is becoming more and more important in daily competition: Well trained and motivated employees.

With your SLINET you have purchased a distinct high-tech machine. A training at ASCO considerably contributes to the further training and motivation of your staff. Well trained, they make real use of the potential of your SLINET and software.

Training in Bischofswiesen:

Our experienced technicians will update your employees to the current state of the art. With the modern equipment in our new training and sales area, we provide an ideal combination of theory and practice. We always have our SLINET machine ready for you! This makes learning easier! For our participants from abroad we offer special courses in English or provide support by interpreters in the local language.

Training content:

“Latest methods help us to satisfy the individual needs of the participants.”

Our training sessions first and foremost go by the needs of the employees who work with SLINET or who are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Our experienced service technicians impart well-founded knowledge which is tailored to the needs of the participants. The participants in the training learn about the structure and function of SLINET. In addition, well-founded knowledge in handling our products and software is imparted. Training will give you safety in everyday work, and will make sure that you can employ in full the potential of your machine.


  • Modern training and sales room
  • High share of practice
  • Structure of the machine (components)
  • Basic features of the machine
  • Programming
  • Extended programming functions
  • Settings of the machine
  • Explanation of customer-specific system adaptations
  • Practical exercises
  • Inspection and maintenance measures
  • Exchange of experience with international participants
  • Response to questions of individual participants
  • Safety
  • Courses in German and English / For customers in other languages we will provide an interpreter for the national language, upon request.

Training programme – training with the professionals

Beginners as well as professionals will acquire new knowhow, which will pay off quickly. Which potential your SLINET actually has, will be dawn on you and your employees only when you known all functions and tricks. For this reason we have compiled a diverse course offer. In our courses on long-length bending machines and twin bending machines, you will learn machine-specific adjustments. You will definitely make the best out of your machine!

Ask for our deadlines and availability. Secure yourself advanced knowledge now – and react flexibly to new demands of your customers.


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